Paradis & Dennis Visual Communications (PDVC) is in the business of providing premium consulting, visual design services, wide-format printing, sign media and programmable digital reader board signs.
Lloyd’s Quick Printing (LQP) is a sub-division of PDVC that provides office stationary, desktop publishing, bindery services, printing, laminating, wedding stationary, etc.


The mission of Paradis & Dennis Visual Communications and Lloyd’s Quick Printing is to provide the highest quality of customer

service, consulting, production services, graphic design and illustration to its clientele.


Through the application of knowledge, business relationships, effective service delivery and continued success of PDVC clients, we will become recognized as a premier industry provider of visual communication services.


All businesses and industries could utilize some form of graphic design services and print media. Even businesses and industries with an established client base still utilize business forms,
stationary, signs and other media to keep their operations running.

Retail and Restaurant Businesses rely constantly on the performance of print advertising and promotions. There is a constant need in this sector for magazine, newspaper, web-site, 
television and radio advertising. In addition, this sector also requires in-store promotional materials and customer incentives. Store posters, signage and even give-away
promotional materials such as “fridge magnets” help these businesses keep their clientele in close contact.

In the manufacturing environment, companies are striving to be competitive in all aspects of manufacturing. This means processes and technology must work together
harmoniously and must be integrated. Even world-class companies have found many improvement opportunities in communications processes and market perceptions.

Communications services supported by proven concepts, tools and methodologies by our experienced designers and consultants, our process accommodates the client’s needs.
Our communications and marketing experts help the client manage operational change and focus on integrated resource management.
We are committed to creative concepts and tangible results, evaluation and continuous improvement. With the client’s leadership, Paradis & Dennis Visual Communications
& Lloyd’s Quick Printing's approach helps them achieve their vision of world-class market communications.

Visual Communication is communication through a visual aid and is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon

using various forms of media. Starting from a scratch idea to a finish product, our team can bring your ideas to life. 

All of our productions are manufactured in house, we are 100% local retail business.

Many Years of Professional Experience Since 1997.